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Bose Corporation unveils new A30 Aviation headset for pilots
Bose Corporation unveils new A30 Aviation headset for pilots

“Noticeably More Comfort” – Aviation Headset Pioneers, Bose, Have Finally Unveiled the New and Improved A30

Bose Corporation, the industry pioneer in high-end aviation headset technology, has now unveiled its newest model, the A30 Aviation Headset. The A30 is a brand-new equipment created to provide pilots with the finest aviation headset on the market in terms of comfort, noise cancellation, and audio quality.

The A30 was created by Bose engineers as a totally new platform backed by contemporary architecture, motivated by years of study and feedback from pilots. In addition, the inception of the around-ear aviation headsets, the A30 has a 20% decrease in clamping force, better clarity, and a unique digital active noise reduction technology that offers three user-selectable noise cancellation modes for usage in various flying scenarios.

According to Matt Ruwe, a pilot and senior product manager for the company “When we asked pilots what improvement was most important to them, their overwhelming response was comfort,” he continued “We took that seriously and developed a new balance in the A30 with noticeably more comfort while maintaining and enhancing headset performance. The changes amplify the experience for our core A20 users while appealing to a broader range of pilots.”

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The center-spring headband is still there, but the spring mechanism and all cables connecting the earcups and microphone have been completely encased. Regarding microphones, the A30’s is straightforward and offers tool-free reversibility. The noise cancelling capability hasn’t changed significantly, however, the A30 is now digital while the A20 was analogue. Finally, the A30 sports upgraded headband cushions, decreased clamping pressure, and redesigned earcups for maximum comfort.

The ProFlight Series 2 and A30 are two of the newest models in the Bose family of aviation headsets. Presently, In the United States, the Bose A30 aviation headset sells for $1,249. It may be purchased online or at one of the many Bose dealers across the world.

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