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Indian Ocean new album Tu Hai
Indian Ocean new album Tu Hai

After Eight Years, Folk Fusion Pioneers Indian Ocean Just Dropped Their Long Anticipated 8th Album

Pioneers of fusion music and arguably one of the biggest names in the industry to emerge from the Indian subcontinent, Indian Ocean is back with a brand new album. 

Their 8th studio effort titled Tu Hai has been released today (May 5) on all major platforms. The album comes after the back-to-back releases Tandanu (2014) via Times Music and the critically acclaimed Masaan (2015) via Zee Music. 

Furthermore, Indian Ocean has collaborated with a few celebrated artists for the 6-track EP. They include an eclectic mix of artists like Grammy winner Vikku Vinayakram on percussions, storyteller Varun Grover, and saxophonist George Brooks. The band makes an attempt to showcase their ever-evolving sonic palette and diverse musical direction with their latest release while remaining true to their long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability.

Tu Hai is a wake up call for humanity to give nature a chance

Indian Ocean’s ‘Tu Hai’ is a testament to their philosophical musings. The work of art is deeply spiritual and “contemplative and a transformative expedition that has been in the works for many years,” according to bassist Rahul Ram. The band completed recording and production of the EP in 2019 but the release was eventually delayed due to the global pandemic outbreak. 

The reality check of having to co-exist with nature became a driving force in the narrative of the songs. Additionally, Rahul Ram stated, “If we give nature a chance, it will recuperate.” A reminder to all of mankind to promote sustainable practices, “Tu Hai” seeks to become an anthem to pay respect to our inner selves.

Indian Ocean is finally gearing up to hit the road for their ‘Tu Hai India Tour’ that is set to take place over the next few months. Having conquered the Indian independent music scene with a rich roster of incredible records like Black Friday, Kandisa, Jhini, and over a dozen credits in Bollywood cinema, the band has been at the forefront of Indian contemporary music scene, continuously seeking to push boundaries and venture into newer territories.

Ever since Indian Ocean’s inception in 1990, their soundscape has evolved to incorporate elements of Indian classical, folk, experimental jazz, and rock. According to critics, their music can be defined as “Indo-rock fusion with jazz-spiced rhythms that integrates shlokas, Sufism, environmentalism, mythology and revolution”

The debut album titled ‘Indian Ocean’ was released in 1993, which would eventually sell over 40,000 copies within a span of one year, becoming the highest selling record by an Indian band during that period.

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In conclusion, with Tu Hai, the band seeks to explore newer sonic grounds. In a heartfelt video released on Indian Ocean’s official Instagram, the band honestly confesses that they are oblivious to technology and social media algorithms. Additionally, Indian Ocean requests their fans (that they have gained over their magnificent career of 30+ years,) to ‘take care of the promotions.’

Finally, hailed as one of India’s best live acts, Indian Ocean is: Himanshu Joshi (lead vocals), Tuheen Chakravorty (tabla, percussions), Amit Kilam (drums, percussions, vocals), Nikhil Rao (guitars), and Rahul Ram (bass guitars, vocals).

Stream the album here:

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