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Sir Brian May News
Sir Brian May News

“Arise Sir Brian May” – Queen Guitarist and Astrophysicist Knighted by King Charles in Buckingham Palace

Royalty manifests itself in various guises.

On March 14, Tuesday, King Charles III knighted a Queen. The renowned musician and one of the pioneers of rock music, Brian May knelt before his royal highness as the monarch graced his shoulders with a sword. He has become the only member of Queen to be awarded the honor for his contribution and service to music and charity.

“Maybe a few more people will listen to me than would otherwise, if it’s Sir Brian on the phone,” the guitarist joked in a later press interview. The 75-year-old musician has spent a major part of his life working as an animal rights activist, advocating against badger culling and fox hunting in association with his welfare group ‘Save Me’ (Est: 2010).

Apart from creating revolutionary art throughout 1960s and 70s, that granted him a seat at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Dr. Brian May also holds a PhD from Imperial College London for studying reflected light from interplanetary dust and the velocity of dust in the plane of the Solar System.

Brian May was seen chatting with King Charles during the event. Furthermore, May’s wife, Anita Dobson, who is best known for being the actress who played Angie Watts in BBC series EastEnders was also seen attending the royal event in Buckingham Palace. “She’s thrilled to bits,” he stated. “And it’s a thrill to me to be able to kind of confer that on her. It makes me feel proud that she gets an honor beside me because God knows I wouldn’t be here without her.”

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