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BIAS - Can't Stand Losing You
BIAS - Can't Stand Losing You

‘Can’t Stand Losing You’ : A Crepuscular Electro Soul by Italian Artist, BIAS

BIAS is a self-proclaimed counter culture artist with a unique perspective on all things music. Incredibly personal and real, the artist crafts affecting arrangements that resonate intimately with the listener. The electro-pop aficionado and hip-hop artist, BIAS, claims his space in the musical world yet again with his new release, Can’t Stand Losing You. 

The track is produced and performed by BIAS, featuring the talent of Lorenzo ‘Montaxx’ Montanari on lead vocals. Using dingy pallets and muted melodies, the artist creates an atmosphere of melancholy and tragedy. Fitting into this mold are the dreamy falsettos. It is delivered with a feverish desperation, loaded with the protagonist’s imagined despair and devastation. The emotion is so rich and palpable; so much so that it leaks into us in real time. 

In the backdrop, gossamer lines of electronica scatter across the spilling vocals. The darting beats take on a kaleidoscopic fervor, transforming the whole sonic space with its lo-fi energy. It speaks to the productional mastery of Michele Suzzi. His projective style allows him to load the canvas with visceral sensibilities without compromising BIAS’s signature contemporary minimalism. Doused in shadows and reflections, the song’s theme is brought out using eclipsed frames as much as it is using apparent melodies. 

You can listen to Can’t Stand Losing You by BIAS here –

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