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Sarah E Jackson-Look Into the Stars
Sarah E Jackson-Look Into the Stars
Sarah E Jackson-Look Into the Stars

Daydreaming license with Sarah E Jackson in her album, Look Into the Stars

To create an ambience for ambient music is an art. Sarah E Jackson knows this, she is proficient in it. With the notes appearing out of the atmosphere to dissipate into it once more, it is important to dive into these moments. This is her daydreamers’ album, Look Into the Stars.

With just the opening track, she creates a sprinkling of a dream funnel. With the steady beat and bassline, the dreamy, echoing vocals almost hypnotise you. Being Alone plays with the impact of solitude. It is very simply portrayed, especially the lullaby like tones. The discombobulation continues, even into the next track. A track like Cold Chilly Nights has a confluence of many styles. Many of the times, you might feel the disconnect from song to song, but the theme is sound.

Electronic euphoria

The pop feel is continued with Keeping the Energy Flow. It sounds like a deep house track, something that married shoegaze. It is an interesting experiment with sound, just like Lost in China Town. Sarah E Jackson could have used some preset kind of sounds for this track, but she fabricates it with some synth overlaps. Unprecedented Times might even try to create the same feeling we had during the pandemic. It is a sound of isolation, something our heads might ring with. 

When the Sun Goes Down has a mystical undertone to it, with a dance core. Her reverb vocals sustain, bringing her touch in every song on this album. We explore more of her tone experimentation with Las Vegas Residency, Though her themes vary in terms of what kind of sound will be produced, her strain of vocals is common in each track. The sustain feels a little too high in some of the tracks, but the experimentation pays off in creating something unique. Listen to the album here with us:

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