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RAT BATH – Ragdoll | Aggression

Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based hard rock band RAT BATH are out with their first single of the year called ‘Ragdoll‘. Known best for their hard-hitting, country-infused rock sound, the all-trans band has been making waves in the LA music scene for quite some time now. Their latest release is a part of their upcoming February 2022 EP, a follow up to their four-track acoustic debut EP – ‘I Shot A Man in Reno (Just to Make You This Coat)’.

‘Ragdoll’ is introduced with a powerful drum beat and hardcore guitar rhythms. The track has a kind of spooky atmosphere, which, combined with the energetic beats, makes for a headbanger, right from the start! In addition, the catchy choruses and hooks by Róisín (she/they, guitar), enhance the overall aggressive mood of the song.

“So you’ve come to sew me shut/Follow the seams where your edges start to fray/And the floor board gave you up/When they cried out under your lunge”

The track explores the story of a witch facing a demon over somewhat haunting textures. As the song progresses, smooth tempo changes and heavy instrumentation accompany soaring vocal lines across the distinct verses. About halfway through ‘Ragdoll’, the track takes on a more acoustic sound with melodic guitars and smooth vocals in the bridge section – a solid buildup for the final outro! The blend of strong scream vocals over energetic rhythms and guitars end the track on a high note; a very punk-rock ending to a tight song.

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