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Mario the Mood, Cecilia Lim – Weekend Kiss | Guitar Pop

Brooklyn-based music producer, composer and guitarist Mario the Mood is known for his upbeat DJ-guitar performances throughout New York City. Influenced by indie-guitar pop and trance artists from the early 2000s, such as ATB, the 27-year-old song producer incorporates an eclectic mix of dance, pop and rock in his music. He recently came out with his debut single “Weekend Kiss” in collaboration with vocalist Cecilia Lim. The track showcases Mario the Mood’s style of blending these genres with modern electronic music really well; an uplifting feel-good track for all your dance playlists.

“Weekend Kiss” kicks off with an infectious melody over an upbeat kick-snare pattern. Lim’s vocals float over layers of lush pads and synths. She sings melodies in a calming, feel-good tone, quite similar to Selena Gomez’s vocal delivery style. With catchy melodies and an addictive beat, you really can’t go wrong, and there’s no doubt that Mario the Mood is a fantastic producer. He captures the mellow sound of early trance tracks beautifully and fuses it with modern pop rhythms in a creative way.

The track also has a synthpop sound to it that’s very laid-back yet makes you want to bop your head to it. As it progresses, with smooth transitions and brilliant drops, Lim’s voice holds everything together really well. It’s great how her vocals are accompanied by energetic instrumentation; very colourful, and has a chill feel as well. Additionally, the clean, dynamic mix of the track makes it stand out from the electronic music we hear on playlists nowadays. Mario the Mood starts off his discography with a bang, and it sure does seem like he’s going to have a bunch of new fans pretty soon!

Check out Mario the Mood and Cecilia Lim’s debut release – “Weekend Kiss”, on Spotify!

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