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Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Expanded Reissue
Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Expanded Reissue

The French Robots Are Back With Their New Track – The Writings of Fragments of Time

Daft Punk have unveiled the first brand-new track from their 2013 album Random Access Memories in advance of its expanded 10th Anniversary edition’s release.

Daft Punk’s final studio album, Random Access Memories (10th Anniversary Edition), features “unheard demos and outtakes” that were produced during the “intimate creative process.” The legendary robots, whose abrupt breakup in early 2021 shocked the electronic music scene, has now co-written “The Writing of Fragments of Time” with Todd Edwards.

According to reports, the new “documentary track” is a tribute to “Giorgio by Moroder,” a Random Access Memories song in which disco legend Giorgio Moroder discusses his life and musical work. The lyrics for the original “Fragments of Time” were created by Edwards and Thomas Bangalter at the legendary Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles on February 29, 2012, when a tape ran and recorded the whole session.

According to the press release, the lyrics were written that day “from the perspective of the collaborators’ future selves speculating how they would feel in the future,” as if noting this specific creative juncture thus creating a narrative of “future nostalgia.”

The release of “The Writing of Fragments of Time” comes with a video directed by Daft Punk’s longtime art director, Cédric Hervet. Due out on May 12th via Columbia, the “10th Anniversary” edition of Random Access Memories features 35 minutes of unreleased music across nine tracks. The expanded reissue will be available in 3xLP, 2xCD, streaming and downloadable formats, and it’ll also be made available for the first time in Atmos.

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