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Riding with Killers-Hostility
Riding with Killers-Hostility
Riding with Killers-Hostility

Riding with Killers hold the metal throne with their latest single, “Hostility”

Riding with Killers never needed a bio for an introduction. Hear the doom in their compositions speak. Bringing some of the crispest metal tracks with needle-in-groove perfection, you’ll wonder why they aren’t breaking out. That’s not why they do this. Their riffs speak volumes, and that’s how it works. This is their latest lung-crushing single, Hostility

With this single, it is evident that they are climbing the totem pole of indie metal. If their 2020 EP Self Destruct wasn’t enough of a sign, this song punches through several drywall layers with just the opening riff. The aggression, style and class is accentuated with the vocals and phrasing as well. Snippets which could have been straightforward repeats are new nuggets of nether wonder. The vocals draw you in with their fury, honesty and drive. That single note break in 1:34 was more than enough for a permanent stank face, till this song ended. Riding with Killers then changed gears to something more melodic, swinging into a new style, a hidden door within a song that offsets the brutal with the emotional. Your addiction is justified. Their execution will mystify. 

Their 2022 single What Comes Next has been their most popular to date. They are steadily mounting the pyramid, and quality speaks for itself. Their tracks progressively explore more sounds and styles, and most artists will never reach this kind of precipice. Riding with Killers are laying a foundation for a cornerstone that is theirs and theirs alone. Get addicted to the taste of their metal here:

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