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Ben Kelly-Senses
Ben Kelly-Senses
Ben Kelly-Senses

Ben Kelly is an alt R&B pioneer in his latest chill single, “Senses”

Ben Kelly is the new tone lord. There is no dispute in how her slowly etches his songs to be so uniquely his. From the kind of grooves and rhythms he chooses to make these dazing songs around, every track is a different treat. You can experience that within moments with his latest single, Senses

A psychedelic tone is in that guitar. It almost possesses each note, landing softer than a cat on a Persian rug. The beats lay down soft as well, with just the little pinch of distortion. As he serenades the listener with his vocals, you feel like you’re in this void of sonic sensations, swirling. It is a really chill, and laid back energy. The mix also allows Ben Kelly to heard distinctly. The chorus is something that becomes a hook, sinking into your psyche for the rest of time.

I used to think that love wasn’t real

Cuz you can’t touch or feel

But you touched my heart

Feel lost when we’re apart

As you’re delving into the details, you hear the bass and guitar flourishes making this such an addictive track. He has released two EPs in 2023 itself, Senses and Clingy. Both have cotton candy soft execution of some of the most delicious alt R&B you’ll hear from an indie artist. Ben Kelly is bringing the motion, grooves and styles with his music, and he has the collection to prove it. Listen to his catchy single from the EP here, and follow him for more music like this:

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