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The Breakdown - King Of The Hill
The Breakdown - King Of The Hill

The Breakdown – King Of The Hill | Explosive Avant-Garde

The Breakdown is an Indie Rock quartet based in London, UK. Influenced and inspired by the likes of The Jam, XTC and The Smiths, the quartet has a uniquely brilliant sound. The Breakdown consists of singer-keyboardist, Mike Connell, guitarists Richard Gale and Andy Strevens, and drummer Toby Young. The amalgamation of New Wave and Post Punk really shines through on all three of their released tracks so far.

King of the Hill begins with crunchy riffs and authoritative drums. Glistening synths and a hypnotic hook set the tone for the following three minutes. Mike Connell’s melodies and lyrics are equally peculiar and fatalistic. The themes of nihilism and stoicism are ever-present. The bright, gorgeous synths which Connell employs also sound anarchic in the context of the lyrical themes. The background vocals add much character and depth to the distinctive voice of Connell. Furthermore, the bed of unrelenting guitars and drums throughout the song give King of the Hill a constant energetic pulse upon which all the rest of the elements rely. I, particularly, enjoy the dissonance and the driving nature of the entire track. There’s something about the volatile atmosphere that actually makes you feel comfortable. Easily, one of the most abstractly maximal tracks that I’ve heard in a while.

The Breakdown is not quite like any band I have ever heard of before. The textures and avant-garde nature of this track overwhelm you but somehow comfort you in the process. I really enjoy how every single element doesn’t sound too forced. Although there are so many different elements to listen to, you can always tune in and out to hear exactly what you want.

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