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Rehya Stevens Releases ‘Early Winter’, a Classic R&B
Rehya Stevens Releases ‘Early Winter’, a Classic R&B

Rehya Stevens Releases ‘Early Winter’, a Classic R&B

Rehya Stevens is known, loved, and celebrated for her authentic out-of-the-box music that easily manages to stir the souls of those who listen to it. Being a singer-songwriter, she weaves her emotions and ideas vividly with music that is worthwhile and enchanting.

Her recent release is a song called ‘Early Winter’. A poignant song that feels like the warmth of a coffee mug in winter. With enchanting music, you will be drawn into the world of bliss and tranquillity as you listen to this song.

The song features amazing soundscapes that are intricately woven into beautiful musical montages. Soothing and serendipitous, the music has a calming effect on you. As soon as the song begins, you will be astounded by the mellifluous cacophony of sounds that slowly build up. And by the time the chorus hits, you will already be in love with everything that you hear. The chorus feels cathartic because of its magnificent soundscapes. There is so much ingenuity in the way Rehya blends her voice with the music and how everything fits together like a dream. Not only are Rehya’s vocals splendid and awestriking, but her beautiful voice also has a healing quality. And that’s also why the song feels so good to listen to. 

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It is worth mentioning that the lyrics are nothing short of phenomenal. The concept is stunning. Early winter can have so many connotations, but the one portrayed in the song is about the onset of a storm, the onset of something terrible, that breaks you apart. 

Beautiful, poignant, and soul-stirring, this song is something you shouldn’t miss!

Listen to the song right here: 

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