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Thy Veils – Upstream | Transcendent Musical Experience

Uncover the power of exploration and experimentation with Thy Veils! This Romanian ambient music pioneer began as a studio project in 1995 and quickly became a household name. With seven self-produced albums, four live recordings, and a host of other captivating works, Thy Veils is a syncretic art ensemble like no other. From non-narrative video essays to music for contemporary dance, Thy Veils explores the depths of the undefined and the mysteries of the quantum. Delve into a world of dense visions and discover the magic of Thy Veils for yourself!

“Upstream,” the latest musical marvel from Thy Veils, is a true work of art that promises to leave a lasting impression. The moment you press play, you are taken on a journey through a lush, verdant jungle, where dreamy and ambient vocals set the stage for a transcendent experience. The song’s ethereal soundscape and out-of-this-world production transport you to a world of pure imagination and bliss, conjuring images of what heaven might sound like.

The music wraps itself around your senses, suffusing you with a sense of peace and serenity. The rich vocals and intricate synth arrangements create an organic, vibrant landscape that lifts your spirit and leaves you breathless. “Upstream” is a feast for the ears, capturing the essence of emotion and the surrender of the senses in every note. So if you’re looking for a way to escape the mundane and experience a moment of pure joy, look no further than “Upstream.” Close your eyes, surrender your senses, and let the music transport you to a place of pure, imaginative bliss.

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