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Kapture-Residuals (ft. Groovyie)
Kapture-Residuals (ft. Groovyie)
Kapture-Residuals (ft. Groovyie)

Kapture and Groovyie bring dance pop as a vice with their latest single, “Residuals”

Kapture has always been able to have a finger on the pulse of dance/pop music. From when her first single came out, there is a wide spectrum of music she has covered. A lot of artists claim music is their therapy and direction home, this artist is no less. This is her latest single with Groovyie, called Residuals

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You can feel the dance vibe with the percussion alone. When you’re in the club, you judge a song and groove to it a lot based on the beat. Groovyie drops the first couple of bars, like a famed intro for Kapture. A short song at 2:30, they have to encapsulate the kind of vibe that is effervescent in the song. Lyrics are sharp, verbose and stylish. When the verse switches to her, she kills it quicker than Cardi B. The way she modulates the surrounding sound with her unique style while keeping with the simple beat is inspiring. As a collaboration, it is fresh, exciting and the kind of dance track you have been waiting for. The mainstream hits might only take you in one direction, but Kapture absorbs them all for this fun number. 

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Her biggest track remains Without You, which has more than 22k streams. Singles like R.A.B and Compare to Me are incredibly underrated for the amount that has gone into whittle them into pop perfection. You can listen to her single here and follow her for more addictive tracks like this to come!:

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