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Gutslit take their brash brutality to the max with their death metal album, “Carnal”

Gutslit claimed their place in the Indian metal scene long ago. Every live show has been a performance to remember, they are the siphon of energy the concerts need. In the 4 times I have seen them live, I remember moshing in every one of the concerts. Only brutal death metal of the highest quality can make me do that. Now there is another reason to celebrate, with their latest album, Carnal. This is raw rage, revisited. 

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Gutslit undergo metal renaissance

When Matriarch released, we knew we’ll be in for a treat. Opening their album with Son of Sam-they keep the blistering riff attack to the maximum. The double bass is as crisp as the riff, while even changes make enough space to headbang. The rising riff, is something you’ll want to growl to, whether you want to or not. 

One of the best riffs of the album is featured in Matriarch. There are thrash pockets that define their decisions for the attacks to be as primal as they are. A Dying Fetus like slide riff development gives into the chorus, the highlight of the song. Bind Torture Kill features Julien Truchan from Benighted. The tone is deeper, darker-with some solo instrument sections that keep the vocals in the spotlight. The Killing Joke gives us Gutslit at one of their most dynamic. The multi-stringed riff creates a swirling death pit that you’d want to immerse yourself in. Aditya Barve gives us vocals of all ranges, from growls to fry screams that will echo for hours in your head. 

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It is a riff fuelled storm

Insidious shows you what their precision death metal sounds like when produced this way. In the pockets it slows down, you better recede for the wall of death. Mark Lewis gives their energy a container, no matter how large- Gutslit fill it. Body Snatcher goes Slayer in the opening route, with their own flavour being exuded with the way the riffs are approached. It is a demon summoned, opening the gates for Altar of Putridity.

Their way of writing rhythms has changed tenfold, while keeping the brutal attack they became famous for. It has some of the best riff delivery I have heard in this album, even with the tight transitions. The near epic Primeval closes out the album, with some metalcore-flavoured rhythm riffs. Gurdip Singh Narang, Prateek Rajgopal and Aaron Pinto go hardcore with the rhythm section, designing some of the best background work since Amputheatre

The mistake goes in assuming that Gutslit are making a return. They never left, keeping the scene alive with their devil-draining performances. For Carnal, they put their best foot forward, in every way. It is possible that they have outdone themselves for some time to come. For only they will reclaim the position again:

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