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Guido Hermans - Whatever Happens
Guido Hermans - Whatever Happens

Guido Hermans – Whatever Happens

Not many songs can manage to sound interesting in a different way with every new bar – but don’t be fooled, “Whatever Happens” by Guido Hermans is one among the few. 

The word ‘go’, and you’re instantly thrown back to the sound of 90s and 00s; a tastefully old-school progressive trance centered around the sounds of the era- fast saws; long, drawn-out pads to form a wide atmosphere, and an engaging beat to keep you moving on the floor of that 90s dance club. Lush pads contribute a layer of nuance to the track, and the way Guido plays with the energy of the tracks at multiple points along the song is definitely something that deserves a whole load of appreciation. To have captured an era that’s so nostalgic to so many people is no easy feat; but “Whatever Happens” has definitely hit the nail on the head here. The whole track has a lively energy, motivating the listener to get out of their seat and begin jiving to the beat.

The song has two distinct parts, that however different they may sound, still revolve around each other, forming a quirky, but pleasant synergy. Guido plays with his arpeggios, his bass synths and percussion throughout the song, a voice persistent throughout the song lurking in the shadows, so to speak. The mix is driven, deep and engaging, and the song is well presented overall. If you’re looking to be sent on a trip down memory lane to the music of the good old times, look no further! Take a listen here-

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