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bingo fighters kamasutra
bingo fighters kamasutra

Bingo Fighter – Kama Sutra

When it comes to quirky– but funny– songwriting, Kama Sutra by Bingo Fighter goes the distance, and rather hilariously at that. “Kama Sutra, does that suit ya?”, the singer asks you amidst the delightfully punk rock sound; the characteristic don’t-really-care-what-I’m-saying attitude and the whole idea of not caring and just having fun making the music you love make for a delightful listen once you really understand what’s going on amid all the apparent chaos.

The guitars are deliciously creamy, and the drummer does a great job of keeping the whole song moving along swimmingly. A special mention is a little melody that rings lightly in your ears throughout most parts of the song; it’s a tasteful addition and one that adds a layer of interest to the already very alternative (for today) sound. The song deserves a listen for its general attitude and presentation, even more so than the already-good production. Give it a listen here!

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