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Sarantos - Somethin' to Believe In
Sarantos - Somethin' to Believe In

Sarantos – Somethin’ to Believe In

Swathed in smooth pop and soul rock, this new track, Somethin’ to Believe In, by Sarantos is a hearty delight. Its warm leaves of melodies, soothing vocals, and comforting lyrics will manifest blooms of light even on the darkest of nights.

This love song rolls through the fields of country-rock to bring its consolatory accents to the composition. Surmounted by arches of beautiful vocals, choral harmonies, and blues rock riffs, the artist nails the golden ratio of dream rock. The rhythm design albeit simple, carries the weight of the rich canvass gracefully. Reminiscent of classic rock anthems of late 20th century, the song is a lovely musical time capsule that rock lovers can gorge on.

Sarantos is a storyteller, and a good one at that! His narrative writing has brought him accolades across several of his crafts. Apart from being a singer-songwriter, he is also an author, multi-instrumentalist, and a radio show host! Wired to evoke sweet passion, his branded amalgamation of 80s rock with modern rock and mellow pop is untiringly a feel-good exposition that you are sure to revisit over and over.

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