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Jeffrey Chan - Vertigo
Jeffrey Chan - Vertigo

Jeffrey Chan – Vertigo | Lovesick

Jeffrey Chan is a singer-songwriter and Pop artist based in Sydney, Australia. He first fell in love with music at age 5 and began working seriously when he learned to play the piano. His music tends to escape any one genre but generally falls on the Pop spectrum. His music will get you on the dancefloor with his groovy rhythms and catchy melodies. Moreover, he exhibits and flaunts his brilliant writing skills incorporated with infectious Retro-Pop and Funk tunes. With a load of experience, Jeffrey Chan seems to know how to navigate his music really well.

His latest single, Vertigo, is for the lovesick and folks obsessed with their new crush. It’s a catchy little track that features his baritone vocals and lovely synths to back it up. The track is super catchy and finds its way into your bones to get you grooving along to it. It’s the kind of track that you’d play to feel those Main-Character vibes. Jeffrey Chan has the ability to articulate all those feelings that creep up when you meet that new crush. Especially, the kind whom you can not seem to get out of your head. Much like that feeling, the song rings like an earworm and sticks with you even after just one listen.

Jeffrey Chan is a brilliant artist who knows exactly how to capture emotion in every aspect of his music. With so much Soul and the infectious rhythms, he certainly knows how to grab your attention and keep it.

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