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Jewelia - The Best We Can | Soulful 
Jewelia - The Best We Can | Soulful 

Jewelia – The Best We Can | Soulful 

Jewelia is a singer and songwriter who is loved for her indie pop ballads that are infused with rich soundscapes and poignant lyrics. With an ever-enchanting musicality in her songs, she has easily managed to gain a fanbase of listeners who love authentic indie music. Jewelia speaks for herself through her art and her ingenuity as an artist is made clear once you delve into the fantastical world that she creates through her songs. 

Her recent release is a song called The Best We Can, a song that comes with elements of nostalgia, euphoria, and poignance, all at once. The song has an innate quality of putting you into zen mode as soon as it is played. With calming and rich acoustic tunes, and deeply meaningful lyrics, everything becomes rather enjoyable and you would want to just surrender to the bliss of this song. Even though there are many parts that have a mesmerizing effect on the listener, Jewelia’s vocals have an altogether different effect on the listener because of how soothing and artistic they sound. They are perfectly nuanced and would make you want to listen to the song on a loop. With lyrics that are profound and heartwarming, you would fall in love with the way the song unfurls itself into something beautiful and enchanting. 

When it comes to the production of the track, it is done the best way. You wouldn’t want this song to be any other way.

It is a must-listen this festive season!

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