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Gary Dranow - Fool Outta Me
Gary Dranow - Fool Outta Me

Gary Dranow – Fool Outta Me | A Blazing Inferno in the Heart

The perfect portrait of blues rock, Fool Outta Me by Gary Dranow and, The Manic Emotions has a ravishing soundscape with vibrant reverberations of glum melancholy. Resigned to tragic destinies, the melodies and vocals bleed with the woe in the lyrics. Its gigantic emotions are masterfully adapted into astounding euphonic cycles.

The rock and roll floats to the brain on the wings of contemporary swirls of synths. With ringing rhythm and bloody vocals completing the circuit, the song grows magnificently like a forest fire. The passionate dictate and lyrical command in the vocals, leads the narrative of the track; with irrevocable romance at the forefront.

Reminiscent of Zeppelin’s early work, the track beautifully harnesses blues to erect majestic pillars of heartbreak. Showcased by mighty riffs, fuzzy basslines and smoking hot guitar shredding, its penchant for destruction overrides all reason. The distorted wisdom of toxicity can be both empowering and disastrous. And flowing through these twisted conduits of thought, the track emerges victoriously.

The artist has many exciting releases planned for this year! Over the course of the last few months, he has released several teasers from his upcoming 14-song album, Destiny Road; showcasing the talent of Gary Dranow (all guitars and vocals) Jerry Manfredi (bass), Tommy Mars (keys), and Jethro DeFries (drums)!

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