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Mattias Lies - Turning Points
Mattias Lies - Turning Points

Mattias Lies – Turning Points | Sentimental

Staying true to his inspiring folk-pop sensibility, Mattias Lies just released his album “Turning Points.” You may even recognize his recent single The Great Divide on the album. Known for his sincere verses and music, the Swedish singer-songwriter really delivers a beautiful concept album. Having a 24-minute runtime and 7 songs, Turning Points is Mattias Lies’ own little transcendental gift to indie-folk lovers.

The first song, Light and Ease, has the most soothing indie folk rock atmosphere. The song reminds me of the likes of Bob Dylan, Don McLean. Light and Ease explores the feeling of aspiring and working towards doing what you want to do in life. The harmonica on the song with the guitar and the vocals are a great start to the album.

The second song is called Turning Points and is the name of the album too. Mattias picks up with more of an indie-folk rock vibe with Turning Points. The harmonies in the chorus really push the song to a new high. The third song on the album is called Great Divide, which was a single released earlier this year. Mattias Lies craft his lyrics and music around experiences in his life. Having grown up iin the vast meadows of Sweden, Mattias uses a lot of nature imagery in his music, which is also visible in this album. False alarms is great piece of advice gift-wrapped to you in the form of a song.

The songs Travelers and Memory Lane has such a well produced echoey-nostalgic vibe that highlights the both the vocals and the instrumentals. These two tracks have more of a retrospective, laid-back essence to them. The last song Flood and the Tide, explores a new sound aesthetic of his vocals. I’ve said it before – there is something fascinating about musicians who can craft their melancholy into a didactic piece of art that not only lets you escape the world for a bit, but also leaves you content. Mattias Lies is definitely one of them. This being his fifth album, Lies is definitely making his mark on the Indie-folk genre.

Turning Points as an album really displays Mattias Lies’ indie-folk experience, complete with his well-meaning lyrics and succinct vocals and harmonies. This is yet another feather in Lies’ cap and anothersisu ( Finnish word similar to gutsy) step towards embracing and introspecting on one’s experiences. The best part about Mattias Lies and the magic he has crafted with his albums, especially Turning Points is the almost universal experience of wanting to relate to music that comforts you and gives you a sense of purpose. The album doesn’t shove these beautiful songs down your throat but invites you to listen and unwind with it.

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