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Sad China - ILYIMY
Sad China - ILYIMY

Sad China – ILYIMY | Electronic

ILYIMY is the first single from Sad China’s debut album of the same title. The song is nothing like I’ve ever heard before. It feels like an avant garde exploration of the feelings of loving and missing someone in the 21st century. With various dynamic, ambient sounds which are combined with harmonies, Sad China gives us a glimpse into the dissociated and dissonant experience of being apart from a loved one.

A self proclaimed “saddie”, Sad China is a queer, Canadian artist from Vancouver. The song is almost autobiographical and feels reflective of the struggles they have had to face. They mention that their music is a way to heal themselves because as they mention in the song, “good things come to those who wait.” They also mention about learning how to be patient and exploring love and themselves. The music seems very explorative and is influenced deeply by their environment. The song begins with a 90’s-video-game vibe which uses interesting sounds to fill up the gaps in the music. This piece feels like a combination of indie- dream pop – electronica genres, which is an experience in itself.

Sad China names her influences to be Tamia, Charlie XCX, FKA twigs, Metric and Sevdaliza. ILYIMY gives us a glimpse of what Sad China’s debut album is going to be like. And it is definitely something to look forward to. Catch it on October 22.

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