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Nobody's Wolf Child - The Fall
Nobody's Wolf Child - The Fall

Nobody’s Wolf Child – The Fall | Epic Narrative

Making her cinematic and powerful debut is Nobody’s Wolf Child(NWC) with the single, The Fall. She is a new and independent artist from the South East of the United Kingdom. Delving into visuals and audio, Nobody’s Wolf Child is aiming to make this project a 360-degree art installation. Each song will be accompanied by its own set of visuals, allowing fans to delve further into this tale.

As a full 360 project, each song also has its own specific visual counterpart. The visuals are a fundamental part of the storytelling, coming from the very bones of the song. The overarching storyline is about the relationship between the Wolf Child and the outside world. Whilst she discovers her strength, supported and healed by the natural world, she also becomes more alienated from human society.  The project’s inaugural release, “The Fall,” signals the start of a story that promises to be long, evocative, intimate, and otherworldly. 

The first in a line of 12 singles, The Fall is evocative and progressive. The narrative of begins with layers of mystery, with the protagonist slipping deeper into the cloudy space. It’s a steady descent, almost like an emotional crash, and based on the cinematic moodiness of The Fall. In the beginning, there are symphonic rises and intimate pauses between her vocals and string melodies. Atmospheric and epic, the track draws you into itself. Nobody’s Wolf Child is creating a universe for herself through her music.

The Fall makes you imagine the narrative taking place. Moreover, her vocals surround you and engulf you through this journey. It is no doubt that Nobody’s Wolf Child has an epic journey planned for herself and us, and I look forward to listening to it.

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