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Paul Bader - Fool
Paul Bader - Fool

Paul Bader – Fool | Upbeat Pop

Paul Bader is the definition of a one-man show. As a singer-songwriter and producer, Bader crafts all his songs from start to finish. Operating in his bedroom studio, he creates warm tones with his vocals and beautiful melodies to suit his pure pop productions. Having learned how to play the keyboard from the age of 14, he shows massive maturity and experience. Paul Bader does everything from creating his music to shooting and editing his music videos right in his bedroom.

Fool, his latest release, is such a great Pop track. It really epitomises the whole genre with its catchy melodies and head-bopping beats. His songwriting is truly admirable as it speaks to you in a manner that makes it easily understandable by his listeners. There is just something about his warm vocals that comfort you while the instrumental keeps you in the mood to hit the dancefloor. I absolutely love how playful this track is. It keeps you in touch with your inner child as you nod along to it. Paul Bader can, certainly, set the right mood for any room. Moreover, his music is really upbeat and keeps you interested throughout. Fool is probably Bader’s best track yet. You can really hear how much he has grown since releasing Live A Little last year.

Paul Bader is an absolutely brilliant artist. He perfectly encapsulates the Pop identity with every single element of his musician. Considering he’s released music since last year he shows an insane amount of maturity in his music.

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