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Rachel Norman – Ready for Change | Appealing Vocals

With her new hit, ‘Ready for Change,’ Rachel Norman, a soulful pop vocalist and composer, makes change seem so lovely and poetic. The words already infuse the ambience with an uplifting spirit that calms your anxieties. The songwriting is really flowing, and it keeps us interested throughout the different passages. Furthermore, the manner the voices are presented is quite extraordinary. The bridge, in particular, as the staccatos drop in, has a strong grip on us while yet sounding really appealing. That portion adds to the track’s pace and comes across as a nice surprise. We don’t usually expect something like that to occur. For me, this portion may be the song’s best, and it would entice me to revisit.

The beat is quite well-programmed. The tones chosen for each strike really blend in well with the ambience, contributing to the overall attractiveness of the space. This piece’s vocal production is vital, and it has really enhanced our listening experience. Along with the beautiful rounded kick, the bass is rock solid and offers the proper punch. The song’s crescendos and decrescendos build a strong and fascinating arc. Overall, I think the song has been boosted by the great vocal melody and execution. The arrangement is uncomplicated, with so much of clarity and breathing room for the tune. I’m hoping that the music will appeal to a wide range of listeners.

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