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"Don't Worry" Nightly Gatherings
"Don't Worry" Nightly Gatherings
"Don't Worry" Nightly Gatherings

“Don’t Worry” And Embark On Nightly Gatherings’ Electronic Soundescape

Electronic soundscaping wizard Connor Johnson aka Nightly Gatherings returns with their latest album “Don’t Worry” to transport you on an enchanting journey. This soulful-synth collection features 12 captivating songs with a perfect blend of various electronic and pop genres. The unique aspect of Nightly Gathering’s music is the strong emotional core that creates a human connection with the listener.

The album starts with “Not Like This,” a song that features a pretty clean guitar riff in the intro with natural sound samples. The drop is beautiful, and the transposition at the 2 and a half minute mark is amazing. “Don’t Worry,” the title track, is another standout. The reverby and spliced vocals, electronic synths, and compelling beats form a catchy hook at the beginning that moves to a nice groovy beat.

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“Just Be Happy” begins with sounds of laughter, and a sampled voice telling the title of the song transitions into a fast tempo beat. The song then moves into a serene section, and the song ends magnificently featuring various spoken samples of the phrase repeating.Reminding one of the mechanical societal calls to be happy. But that ends with one final confident spell of the phrase. What a journey! “Something Memorable” deals with Nightly Gathering’s desire to make memorable music that lasts, and the musical narrative spun here is magical. “Love Me at My Lowest” highlights emotional catharsis through flawless sound engineering, an infectious tune, and heartfelt words.

“Oh Seabright” is a stunning track featuring acoustic guitars, and “Next To Me” features the signature melody from the artist. It is a consistent mood song that is emotionally stirring. Nightly Gathering’s use of samples with pristine ethereal synth production is outstanding. The magic is in the perfect proportion of reverb and delays that creates rich lush soundscapes.

Nightly Gatherings’ experimental electronic styles like trip-hop, dance Indietronica, electropop, and chillwave are mixed so masterfully that you can’t discern genres and only revel in the music. The album dips you, awashes you, and takes you on an atmospheric, ambient, bright, and galactic journey.

Connor hails from Chico, California. He started composing in their sophomore year in high school and was initially influenced by DJs like Skrillex, Dillon Francis, and Martin Garrix. Johnson eventually started working as a concert photographer and covered events like Outsidelands and EDC. He eventually started making music as Nightly Gatherings as the pandemic affected live photography. Nightly Gatherings is influenced by artists like Porter Robinson and Madeon, most famous for the viral song “Shelter.” They are also influenced by artists like Owl City, The 1975, and the folk act Bon Iver.

“Don’t Worry” by Nightly Gatherings is a perfect blend of various electronic and pop genres that craft emotive and captivating music with a strong emotional core. The album is a must-listen for anyone who loves experimental electronic music with a soulful touch. It dips you then washes you with its atmospheric, ambient, bright and galactic sound to revel in.

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