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vanda - honeydew
vanda - honeydew

Vanda’s Latest Release “Honeydew” Is A Hauntingly Beautiful Electro-Pop Experience

Get ready to be amazed by Vanda, the emerging sensation engaging audiences and the music industry with her work! Vanda has gained a loyal following, caught the eye of industry heavyweights, and proven her talent as a hitmaker since her debut. Her contribution to Lucidious’ “Enough” album, “Right Reasons,” has received over 1 million plays worldwide, reinforcing Vanda’s standing as an artist to watch. Vanda’s work is undoubtedly special and unforgettable, drawing inspiration from musical titans like as Ariana Grande, Ashnikko, H.E.R., Post Malone, and Rihanna.

Vanda’s latest single, “Honeydew,” deviates surprisingly from the sweetness promised by the title. Instead, it presents a dark and thrilling soundscape that highlights Vanda’s experimentation with new genres. The electro-pop song has various industrial elements along with a subtle melody.

This song’s ebb and flow brings amazing complexity to the listening experience. It starts slowly gradually increasing the pace and intensity with thumping drums and developing synths. Vanda’s vocals have an almost ambient aspect to them and, as usual, heavenly. It adds to the song’s unique ambiance. The production of the song is smooth and top-notch.

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The song’s midsection is a highlight, as it suddenly slows down, allowing Vanda’s voice and melody to shine. “Honeydew” then returns to its rapid pace at 1:39, repeating the word “drop” against a backdrop of grunge-inspired music, creating a hypnotic vibe. It would be a perfect addition to your long-drive playlist. This version of Vanda is a welcome change. I would love to listen to more such experimentation by her.  

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Enjoy listening to “Honeydew” by Vanda here.

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