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Dreams Within Dreams – Ali George | Soft Country

The style of music that Ali George, a British singer-songwriter, concentrates on storytelling in a way that is accessible to even the novice listener, with no apparent curve needed or adaptation required to understand the thematic variations of the genre. With his delicate fingerstyle guitar playing that churns out soulful melodies, in no way ignorant of his immense skill in the field, coupled with his down-to-earth, easy-on-the-listener style of writing lyrics, he hits the marks regularly, and “Dreams Within Dreams” is no exception. Please keep reading for my review of this track!

The song has a casual, mellow style of writing that delves deep into the experimentation going on with the fingerstyle guitar, coupled with an excellent range in Ali’s voice, with the tastefully added bends and stylistic interpretations of melody granting a layer of sheen to this track that I quite came to appreciate during my time reviewing this track.

One thing about soul music of this kind is that it is extremely easy to come off as too predictable like one would know where the track is headed; while that may be deemed a factor of comfort to some, it can get mundane very quickly; and I am more than glad to report that “Dreams Within Dreams” is far from that. The layers are deep and evident in the songwriting and manage to maintain variety to the point where the track feels like it is evolving with every bar that it traverses, and that to me is the gold standard of any piece of music.

With “Dreams Within Dreams”, Ali George has created a song that is easy and pleasant to listen to, and leaves a profound impression on the listener. I enjoyed listening to this song, and you can check it out here:

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