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Meadow Argus – Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse | Versatile Psych-Folk

Australian psych folk freaks, Meadow Argus, have released their latest EP “Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse“, and it’s a trippy and immersive experience that showcases the band’s ability to blend genres and create dynamic soundscapes. The 7-track EP, the band’s fifth release since their debut in 2018, is a follow-up to their well-received 2021 album “Silverling”.

“Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse” EP Tracklist

The EP opens with “Is That You?”, a psychedelic-electronic instrumental track that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The lofi-toned bell melody sets the stage for a diverse range of sounds, including synth pads and leads, that are expertly mixed and create an immersive and engaging experience. The addition of some vocals adds a theatrical feel to the track, making it a great opening to the EP.

No Company” is the next track, and it’s a synthwave track that showcases the lead singer’s vocal range and expressiveness. The bass-heavy instrumentation and lush synth pads create a dynamic and engaging soundscape that keeps the listener hooked. The track breaks genre boundaries as it progresses and strings take over, adding a lot of emotion to the mix.

Sweetgrass” is a smooth and laid-back nostalgic folk performance with a classic sound. The bluesy guitars and laid-back drums support the delicate female vocals, but as the track progresses, unexpected elements such as synth arps, grungy guitars and spacious pads make it an interesting listen.

Tiny Flames” has a progressive rock + soft folk sound, with psychedelic vocals and reverby instrumentation. The track features interesting changes in time signature and groove, making it a pleasure to listen to for fans of prog rock. The mix is clean and authentic, and the guitar-driven instrumentation features vibrant chord changes.

House Husband” is a folk song with a bluesy vibe, featuring acoustic drums and nice guitar riffs. The raw and clean vocals are in the centre of the mix along with a driving bass and some harmonies to add depth to the track. The lyrics, written in a playful way, are about a house husband and his household chores.

Track 6, “Sleep“, is a classic folk song that showcases Meadow Argus’s versatility as a band. The soothing vocals and deep-toned vocals have a calming sound, and the melodies are reminiscent of well-known folk tracks. The song is a calming lullaby-like composition that is written for a loved one from the perspective of the singer. The band’s experience as veteran songwriters and musicians shines through in this track, making it a fantastic addition to the EP.

The final track, “Dance With Me“, is a psy-folk track with bluesy instrumentation and distorted rock guitar melodies. The two-part male and female vocals are sung in a conversational style, and complement each other, adding a lot of interest to the composition. The 3:40-minute-long track has intricately produced elements, smooth transitions, great build-ups, and a fantastic outro, making it a perfect end to the 7-track EP. The EP as a whole showcases the band’s growth with each release, and fans are sure to love this release, and be eager for more from Meadow Argus.

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