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“Sucka Free” by Jamie Merrill: Soul goodness, with old-world charm

Jamie Merrill, born James Edward Jacobs III, is an American singer, producer, and songwriter whose sound combines R&B, Soul, Alternative Rock, and a variety of Spiritual influences with Hip Hop. On his latest single “Sucka Free”, he brings to the fore a style of soul music infused with some acoustic country goodness. Keep reading my thoughts!

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Right from the word go, this song has soul and life. From the layered intro guitar riff to the early entry of Merrill’s vocals, the development of the song is express, getting straight to the point, the energy rising until it culminates in the hook, which is a wafty, melodically rich affair that forms the perfect passageway between the verses, as Jamie explores vocal techniques with the guitar still playing strong support in the background.

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The production is delightfully minimalistic, with Jamie and his guitar against the world for the most part– and here, it is very nicely executed. Less is more, they say, and that is truly the case here. The mix sounds full, warm-bodied, and teems with life. The vocal mixing is of note and commend here, for the front-and-centre style of mixing that one is usually used to seeing in hip-hop and RnB tracks, and it is a welcome twist here.

“Sucka Free” by Jamie Merrill is a pleasant, engaging listen that is sure to keep you coming back for a second listen– and a third– and who knows how many more? Check out the song here!

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