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Cosette Gobat In My Bedroom
Cosette Gobat In My Bedroom
Cosette Gobat In My Bedroom

Cosette Gobat Delivers A Captivating Dream Pop Journey with ‘In My Bedroom’

Cosette Gobat, the holistic musician, singer, and producer, has graced us with a captivating two-track EP titled “In My Bedroom.” Based in South London but originally from Philadelphia, Cosette’s musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Having signed a record deal at age 14 with Decapolis Records and touring the East Coast while still in high school, she quickly became a force to be reckoned with.

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With experience writing music for documentaries and sharing stages with prominent artists such as Sheryl Crow, not only is she an accomplished musician, but her work as a mastering engineer under Michael Jackson’s ex-producer at Arctic Records in Philadelphia. Working with artists like The Wombats, Caroline Rose, and The Beths, she has polished her skills, making her a true sonic wizard.

The EP opens with its title track, “In My Bedroom,” a spellbinding song that delves into themes of depression. Cosette’s emotive vocals soar over cloud fuzzy guitar layering, creating an eclectic sonic canvas that draws listeners into her world. Right from the start, her powerful vocal vibrato sets the tone, while the raw sustain she effortlessly achieves on the notes adds a unique touch. The light indie rock drumbeat provides minimal yet impactful percussion, allowing her vocals to shine and convey a wide range of emotions. Towards the end, a beautiful haze of dreamy guitar sounds envelops the listener, taking them on an ethereal journey into ecstasy.

The second track, “Telephone,” showcases communication for those struggling with depression. The song weaves a magical atmosphere with hazy guitar-based riffs accentuated by chorus and reverb effects. The prominent bass and mesmerizing vocal harmonies intertwine seamlessly, creating an enchanting dream-like soundscape. The masterful vocal harmony layering further highlights Cosette’s expertise in sound engineering, adding a touch of magic to the record.

Cosette deserves special mention for her exceptional talent as she single-handedly wrote, produced, and mixed the EP. Collaborating with talented musicians such as Robin on drums, Max on bass, Logan on keys, and Alyssa on cello, she creates a perfect balance of musical elements, ensuring a captivating listening experience. Mastered by Ryan Schwab and recorded at Brunel Studios, London, the EP’s production quality shines through, further accentuating the dream pop and indie rock vibes that permeate every track.

Cosette Gobat’s “In My Bedroom” is an indie dream pop rock gem that leaves a lasting impression. Her ability to convey raw emotions through her powerful vocals and skillful instrumentation is truly commendable. This record is a magical journey, effortlessly blending various genres like acoustic alternative, shoegaze, post-punk, ambient, lo-fi, and more. Cosette’s mastery as both a musician and an engineer is evident throughout, making “In My Bedroom” a must-listen for anyone who appreciates genuine, heartfelt music.

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