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Frankie Crea - Plateaus
Frankie Crea - Plateaus

Frankie Crea – Plateaus | Blues Grooves

Frankie Crea is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and composer from Perth, Western Australia. He creates music that usually has an underlying message of hope or optimism. While he started releasing his own music in 2018, he picked up the guitar at a young age. Moreover, he was more or less musically inclined to begin with. Frankie Crea has an extensive discography with numerous singles, an EP and an album already out there to stream. His music is inspirational, emotional, authentic and genuine.

His latest single, Plateaus, is a track that inspires hope and confidence in overcoming challenges. It has a very Blues Rock groove that keeps it flowing smoothly. Frankie Crea creates smooth melodies with his instruments and flows mellifluously in his lyrics. The hypnotic rhythm guitar immerses you in the track with the help of the drums and bass. The chorus is possibly the most energetic portion and it reminds me of some of the early 90s rock choruses. The guitar solo is certainly something that will catch you off guard as Frankie plays some of the sweetest licks and riffs. The melodies and countermelodies are so beautifully entwined, playing off of each other.

Frankie Crea has a load of good music out there for you to check out and there’s a lot more like Plateaus. He’s also got music that sounds different and they’re all brilliantly crafted tracks with a load of originality. We also managed to score an interview with the great lad himself. Read on down below for more.

 What has been the most difficult part of being a musician?
I feel like there are only things other musicians understand on a musical level when talking about music so sometimes communicating with someone who isn’t musically inclined can be difficult at times.

How did you get into music and when did you decide that you’d make a career out of it?
I started doing it professionally in 2018, it sort of led that way after getting picked up by a manager at the time who saw potential in me and I haven’t looked back since.

What, in your opinion, makes your music so different from everyone else? I don’t really know, that’s up for the audience to decide really.

How do you go about creating a song? Usually, it will start with a melody of some sort and that can come to me in a number of ways, sometimes I have dreamt of them and sometimes they hit me out of nowhere in my head and I think “oh that will be cool I might record that on voice memos on my phone quickly and save it for later” and I’ll like, hum it or sing a melody or a lyric even, sometimes I pick up a guitar and find something I like, people from all walks of life and their stories can also inspire me to create something or any other form of art like other music as well can play a part in the creation process.

I absolutely love Plateaus, what was the inspiration behind this song? Thank you. A number of things, 2020 someone I knew inspired it lyrically, but it also explores how we can overcome challenges in life and it’s kinda fitting with the whole pandemic thing that people have been doing roughly the last few years, so it’s a song for everyone that life is a garden, so dig it.
Where do you see yourself going from here?
I don’t know, but all I know is that I’m far from done musically and feel like my best work is yet to come and I hope the fans enjoy it.

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