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Rich Anthony - Something Better
Rich Anthony - Something Better

Rich Anthony – Something Better | Nostalgically Uplifting

Rich Anthony is a Retro artist based in Illinois, USA. He recorded his music before streaming even existed back in the 80s and has only recently decided to start putting it out. While he is new to the scene, Rich shows expertise in how he creates his music using analogue tools. He has a specifically 80s pop sound that exists purely because of when it was recorded. It’s amazing to hear such magnificence from an artist who wasn’t as popular in the 80s in today’s world. Rich Anthony crafts tunes that will have you grooving on the disco floor!

His latest release, Something Better, features those distinct synths and tones that just melt your heart. The Synth heavy melody backed by drums and percussions that widen the harmonies is brilliant. Moreover, the groovy rhythms are something most music lacks today. Something Better has that infectious rhythm and melody line that seems to take over your body and guide you to the dancefloor. Moreover, the lyrics are really hopeful and uplifting. There’s just something about how 80s music was so warm and uplifting. It’s really intriguing to note the various tones that go into this track. Each one is different and complementary.

Rich Anthony has been out of the limelight for far too long and deserves more recognition. His music really helps boost your mood and even helps you feel more active. This song is in every way, Something Better.

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