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Tyler Elden - Warmth Of The Sun
Tyler Elden - Warmth Of The Sun

Tyler Elden – Warmth Of The Sun | Cosy

Tyler Elden is an Indie Rock singer-songwriter and producer from New Jersey, USA. He writes emotional music which he describes as having one foot in the present and one in the past. Tyler has played as a solo act as well as a backing band for multiple other artists. While he is from New Jersey he has played a bunch of shows in Philadelphia with another show coming up soon. Tyler has just dropped his debut single which is emotionally nuanced and musically mellifluous.

Warmth Of The Sun is a brilliant Indie Rock track that sounds like it came out of the early 2000s. With some really cool elements from different subgenres of Rock, the track is sonically superb. The country elements and the rhythmic dynamism work so beautifully together. However, Tyler Elden has a voice that circumnavigates these genres with such ease. The guitar work is so old school and sounds perfect in the mix. The drums really get me with how dynamically they change all throughout the song, keeping the tempo. It’s almost like Tyler Elden crafted this song around each element, giving them their due diligence.

Tyler Elden has released an absolute banger in his debut single and this is the perfect track to hear him play live. Check out his Spotify profile for more details on his upcoming shows and book your tickets now!

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