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Marina – Almost Love

Almost Love is the latest single by Marina, an independent singer-songwriter from Colorado. You’ll love listening to Marina’s acoustic tracks if easy-listening, acoustic tracks are your jam! Through her music, she explores past romantic relationships and the lessons she’s learned throughout her journey.

As Marina sings over only one instrument – an acoustic guitar – she creates an intimate, nostalgic space for the listener. She talks about how one of her past relationships faded away, and how with her partner, they both were almost happy. I really liked the line, “we were almost us..” – hits quite hard if you can relate to Marina’s story! Moreover, the lyrics are mostly sad, she has sung it with a certain optimism that’s hard to miss if you listen intently.

Marina had started writing at a very young age and I notice a certain maturity in her words (and voice). For instance, some parts of the track are reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson’s vocal style, but I hear a certain uniqueness in her tone (could be because her Ukrainian roots) and I mean that in a good way! The exceptionally well recorded and performed acoustic guitar that ,hosts some complex chords structures show the depth of the songwriting process and make the harmonic space very rich.

Marina sounds very honest in this acoustic track. The way she has told us about her endeavours in romance through her words and music is an experience to cherish!

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