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“Reminiscin'” by Ozzient: Bringing hip-hop talents together

Introducing Ozzient, hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, and born in 1994. Ozzient’s musical journey is deeply rooted in his Guatemalan heritage, where a family brimming with musical talents ignited his passion for music. This innate talent extends to his ability to swiftly grasp various musical instruments, including the piano, drums, Güira, Tambora, and even the art of beatboxing. On his latest track, “Reminiscin'”, he decides to take the reins as a producer, and inviting talented rappers to take to their flows on his foundation. Keep reading for my thoughts!

Although he doesn’t step into the spotlight as a rapper or singer, he takes the reins in crafting the beat and skillfully assembles a cast of exceptionally talented artists for the project. This particular song delves into the theme of heartbreak and the emotional turmoil that accompanies a breakup. It paints a vivid picture of reminiscing about that one person who was expected to be ‘the one.’ Relationship issues, a universally relatable experience, take center stage.

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The track kicks off with KiERAN, the first artist, setting the tone with his compelling verse. Essay M takes the reins for the chorus and hook, infusing the song with his signature style. Finally, Kay9 steps in for the second verse, adding his unique perspective to this emotionally charged musical narrative.

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The production is what makes this song feel very held together, with the kind of control across the spectrum taht brings to mind Metro Boomin’s greatest hits– and that is high praise; because each of these rappers, when you think about it, comes with their own story, their own lyrical styles, and their own flows. Ozzient successfully holds all these talents to a high standard, and the end product is pleasing, and very well executed overall.

Check out “Reminiscin'”, produced by Ozzient here!

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