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Joost Lameris - One More Time | Refreshing 
Joost Lameris - One More Time | Refreshing 

Joost Lameris – One More Time | Refreshing 

Joost Lameris is a Dutch singer and songwriter who kickstarted his music career in 2021.  With a mellow, indie, style of music that feels alluring to the ears craving for some soulful tunes, you won’t be disappointed. Joost Lameris brings forth contemporary styles through his music, which is fused together with some vintage, and therefore makes for a great combo. 

Joost Lameris’s recent single One More Time is a refreshing track that you should give a listen to. With enticing musical elements and an overall well-produced piece, One More Time has so much to offer. As soon as the song starts, you fall in love with its mellow vibe. The song explores heartbreak in the finest of ways. The lyrics are hard-hitting and make you soft in the most unexpected of ways. Moreover, Joost Lameris’s soul-touching voice makes this song even more delightful. With vocals that are sung with extreme precision, the song easily gets an ethereal touch. You love how well everything is fused together. From vocals to tunes, everything compliments each other like a dream. 

The song gives a major Tell Me That You Love Me vibe. However, there are a lot of things about One More Time that you will feel you have never experienced before. Laid back beats, soulful tunes, mellow vibe, and gorgeous vocals, make this song a perfect track to relax to. 

One More Time is a great track that you can add to your Chill playlist. 

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