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Joe Marsalis - St. James | Alluring
Joe Marsalis - St. James | Alluring

Joe Marsalis – St. James | Alluring

Joe Marsalis is a singer, songwriter, and producer from North London, known for his extraordinary and out-of-the-box approach to music. Having wandered through different genres of music, he has taken bits and pieces from each to decorate his music and make it worthwhile for his listeners. 

His recent release is a song called St. James, an alluring, soulful track that features amazing soundscapes. The vibe of the song feels like that of a place that often stirs a wave of nostalgia and warmth for the artist but that being said, the song will be relatable to people across the world. Art is very personal but the beauty of it is its capability of transcending boundaries and languages and give hope to people who come across it. St. James is a stunning representation of all that and more. 

However, the beautiful execution of this piece of art wouldn’t have been possible without good music and enchanting soundscapes that make you lost in some alternate reality and let you have a taste of bliss. Exotic vibes, summer feeling, and magnificent imageries adorn this track and make it refreshing for the listeners. It is simply beautiful. Something you would want to listen to cozy up, or when on a long car drive, or simply at your home when you want to oomph up your spirits a little. With perfect and brilliant execution, you feel like the song couldn’t have been better any other way. A great slice of life!

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