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StarAV – Halo
StarAV – Halo

StarAV – Halo | Blissful Enchantment

Halo (feat. Preston Woolsey & Luna Harley) by StarAV and Raymond Yan is an ethereal dreampop indiepop song. It features a wide range of vocal performances by all vocalists ranging from mid-level to falsetto. It is a beautiful blend of electronic ambient music that tells the story of irrational guilt and how to handle the grief that comes with it. According to StarAV, the song presents a moment of realization in which the protagonist comes to terms with the fact that they are not to blame for the unfairness that has been inflicted upon them.

StarAV is an artist, producer, singer, and songwriter based in Australia and is responsible for the vocals, lyrics, production, and visuals of the song. Preston Woolsey adds additional vocals and lyrics, as well as piano, to the track. Raymond Yan contributes the instrumental which creates a lush and calming soundscape for the track.

The track has a calming and peaceful atmosphere, and the ambient electronic production creates a dreamy and tranquil soundscape. The vocals are haunting and beautiful. The combination of the lush soundscape and the vocal performances creates a powerful and emotive song. The production is gentle and warm, while the vocalists deliver their lyrics with a passionate intensity. The various and varied production elements and synths add a vibrant and ethereal form and layering to the track, while the percussion provides a steady and driving rhythmic inertia that give the song an uplifting energy. The combination of all these elements creates an experience that is both calming and cathartic, providing a sense of solace and understanding. A stunner by StarAV and team!

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