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Betty Moon - Boilermaker
Betty Moon - Boilermaker
Betty Moon - Boilermaker

Betty Moon – Boilermaker

The latest single by Canadian American producer and singer-songwriter Betty Moon, Boilermaker, is a cover of a song of the same name by the English rock duo Royal Blood and through this flawless cover, she showcases the richness of her musical artistry to a great extent, and once you tune in to her version of this track, you will instantly start grooving to its vibe and heart-thumping beats and musical elements.

An authentic rendition of the original!

If one is aware of Royal Blood’s original track of Boilermaker, Betty Moon’s version will definitely seem a bit more powerful and decorated with subtle and catchy electronic elements, but the most attractive feature of this cover is that it does not for a moment lose the real gritty, gutsy traditional rock vibe of the original song, and that is absolutely amazing for an artist to be able to add new elements to a cover by keeping the real soul of the original version alive!

People who are keen listeners and tend to appreciate open-mindedness in the exploration of music will surely love this absolutely brilliant cover of Boilermaker because of the hypnotic groove and the additional electronic triggers every now and then within the song, which sets it apart from its original version with just some more musical colors added to it. Besides its overall groove and catchy guitar riffs, bass lines and drums, Betty’s voice is appealing to the core, and it is somewhat like the vocals draw your attention to the song as it blends in amazingly with the groove. However, the vocal sound effects also act as the icing on the cake as they complement the electronic triggers, making the entire soundscape of the song extremely wholesome.

So, check out this incredible cover of Boilermaker by Betty Moon to enjoy the experience, and you can listen to this track here:

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