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Leo Nazz - It Feels Like | Soulful
Leo Nazz - It Feels Like | Soulful

Leo Nazz – It Feels Like | Soulful

Leo Nazz is a singer and songwriter who is emerging as a Folk/Rock artist in Australia and is making a mark for himself as a musician. His music feels like a breath of fresh air. With soulful guitar strings, mellifluous vocals, and charming tunes, his songs appeal to listeners in a great way. 

Leo Nazz recently released a song called It Feels Like which is a soft track filled with soulful melodies and amazing vocals that would make your day. It is a simple and charming song that would remind you of everything amazing and pleasant because it is a pleasant song itself. The translucent melodies created by the simple and evergreen instruments add a special charm to the lyrics. The guitar strings make amazing soundscapes that lift the song’s energy in an amazing manner. If you are someone who loves country and folk music, I am sure you would find something in this song to cherish for a long time. 

The song remains a simple affair throughout and that is its best quality. It feels like an old ballad that puts you at ease whenever it is plated and brings along with it a series of pleasant feelings and sensations that you have been missing out on all this while. 

It is a song with amazing lyrics and vocals, soulful melodies, and an extraordinarily pleasing vibe that would lift your mood almost instantly. 

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