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Joyce Tratnyek – Do You Think of Me?
Joyce Tratnyek – Do You Think of Me?

Joyce Tratnyek – Do You Think of Me? | Fresh Noise Pop

Portland, Oregon native, indie and alternative rock and pop artist Joyce Tratnyek has a stunning alternative pop release with her latest single Do You Think of Me? She incorporates noise rock, psychedelia, and shoegaze within an alternative rock and pop context. She is currently based in New York City, as she pursues design. The song is self-produced by Joyce Tratnyek with guitars, drums, and synths all done by her.

Do You Think of Me? begins with a bassline which catch your attention. The bassline is centerstage with fuzzy guitars which are processed. Guitars and synths are arranged with a noise rock feel. With the noise rock feel, the song itself has a modern indie rock feel. The song ends with acoustic lines and vocal harmonies over them. This creates an enigmatic aura towards the end.

The lyrics ruminate on a former lover and the inevitable thoughts which comes after the end of a relationship. One ends up thinking about whether they remember us. That a new person sleeps on their bed now. That we might be a photo on their wall, which they don’t talk about.

Tratnyek has a range of diverse influences including Muse, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, BTS, and Hozier. These varied influences are apparent in the creativity and production of the music. The song’s style reminds one of acts like the Arctic Monkeys and The Stokes along with The Pixies. With Do You Think of Me?, Joyce Tratnyek gives us a dazzling alternative song that we would keep spinning to no end.

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