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Joyeur – Underbelly | Addicting Ripples

Joelle Corey, a LA-based vocalist and songwriter, and longstanding production partner Anna Feller established the musical identity ‘Joyeur,’ which recently released the new track ‘Underbelly.’ The writing is quite intriguing to listen. It has created such wonderful and intriguing creative connections, which makes the song much more engaging. Overall, the structure is really fluid and flows neatly between the verses. There is also ample space between the lyrics, which keeps the listeners’ attention and allows them to enjoy the vibe. I particularly enjoyed the performance, which brings the words to life with subtle subtleties and variances. Even the voice texture is appealing to the ear and pleasant. As soon as she begins in the intro, our ears are drawn to her voice timbre.

In terms of production, I particularly liked the percussion sounds in the start, which is a lot of fun to listen to. The synthetic textures are very detailed, making the sound environment so expressive and enticing that it rapidly establishes the atmosphere. The groove gradually builds, and with the bass, it surely sounds big. An intriguing bottom tone has the desired effect and completely immerse us in its domain. There are so many rhythmic aspects that are quietly moving along. These aspects, however, are never dominant in the performance. They all blend in so well and produce such an unified sound that we’re all hooked on the music. I am confident that listeners will love the composition and atmosphere of the music.

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