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tati vici - confetti
tati vici - confetti

“Confetti” by Tati Vici Is a Dance Pop Gem That Sparks Joy

Meet Tati Vici, a remarkable French singer-songwriter whose passion for music began at a young age. She embodies a distinct and unique style by integrating her French background with American influences. Tati’s debut song and upcoming EP show her authentic self, molded by a combination of cultures, and she is now located in Las Vegas. She pours her heart into every song she creates with a profound spiritual and free-spirited perspective. Tati’s enthusiasm for crafting emotional lyrics shines through, making her an artist to watch as she introduces the world to her passionate and compelling music.

“Confetti,” Tati Vici’s latest release, is a charming and full-of-life song. It deserves a spot on your weekend playlist. The bright vibe throughout the song makes it enjoyable to listen to.  The outstanding synth work and beats add to the delight. I absolutely enjoyed the bassline.  Tati’s silky and vibrant voice elevates the song to a whole new level. The magic happens when her voice gets introduced.

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The well-executed beat drop is phenomenal, and when she sings “Dance with me,” it’s impossible not to follow her lead and dance along. The dance-pop influences are prominent and tempting. I was engrossed throughout while having a wide smile on my face. The song has righty achieved the same aura she wanted the song to exude. It radiates hope and optimism.

As the song goes on, all of the distinct elements come together, resulting in a well-rounded experience. The distorted voice twist near the end adds a unique twist to the overall sound. “Confetti” echoes memories of the 2010-2012 era with its sound and catchy chorus, invoking nostalgia. It serves as a positive booster, a remedy for when you’re feeling down or just need to let loose and have a good time.

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Enjoy listening to “Confetti” by Tati Vici here.

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