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Kyle Richardson - Anything
Kyle Richardson - Anything

Kyle Richardson Talks to Us About the Creative Process behind his Latest Pop Single, ‘Anything’

Kyle Richardson is a singer-songwriter and soul pop artist, writing music from the heart. His sincere and honest portrayal of the affairs of the heart is as powerful as it is gentle, and as touching as it is melodious. In his latest single, Anything, Kyle Richardson in which he explores the contours of love and relationships with beautiful lyricism and hearty vocals. In this interview, the artist discusses his inspirations, creative process, artistic vision and others. Read Now!

1. You have a dominant soul pop style that conveys emotion through story, sentiment, and sound. Some artists who played a vital role in influencing your style and why?

Some artists who have definitely inspired my sound are John Mayer, Coldplay, Gavin DeGraw, and OneRepublic, amongst others. I love these artists for their songwriting, the intimacy of the vocals while having powerful vocal moments as well, and the great falsetto hooks they employ in some of their songs.

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2. Your latest single, Anything is a beautiful portrayal of devoted love. What did you set out to achieve with it and what do you want your listeners to take away from it?

I definitely wanted a song that would focus on small, intimate moments between two people that help solidify their bond. Letting the other person know that you always have their back and will be there for them and showing that you truly care through your actions. I also wanted a song with a strong, soaring falsetto chorus melody.

3. The song infuses old school sincerity and emotional themes into contemporary synth pop frames. How did you compose this track? Can you walk us through your creative process?

I wrote this song several years ago in my bedroom on acoustic guitar. I think the sincerity and emotional themes comes through due to the singer-songwriter vibe I had in mind while initially writing it. I wanted a song that was very intimate but soaring with its melody. My producer Jeff Dawson definitely helped the track become as big and contemporary sounding as possible, but the heart of the initial demo also manages to shine through I think as well.

4. What about the pop genre ties in with your artistic vision and how do you think it conveys your essence as a musician?

I think pop music just really suits my vocal well and the way I like to sing. I love layering vocals in a very pop way and adding ad-libs and different techniques to make the vocals sound current and relatable. I also think pop music gives great opportunity to employ elements of different genres, and as someone who likes all sorts of music, it’s fun to kind of dabble in different styles sometimes while keeping a central pop focus.

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5. You debuted in 2016 with ‘Love Is The Answer’. What has changed in the last seven years since that release in terms of your artistic vision, process, and passion?

I think since that song came out, I have really been able to focus on writing and crafting a project that feels very ‘me’ at this point in time. I always want to evolve and show different layers to my vocals and songwriting, so I’m always wanting to push myself and try new things. I think not getting too comfortable in one set sound or style really helps keep things fresh and inspires me to keep creating.

6. What rising trends do you see in the music industry that you would like to jump aboard at some point?

One trend I want to jump onto in the future is that I want to focus more on singles and smaller projects in general. I love albums and love the process of making an album, but also love experimenting with different sounds so I think the best way to do that is to record some smaller projects. Focusing on some smaller projects will give me more of a chance to play around in different genres and work with a bunch of people so I think it could be a great chance to grow as an artist.

7. What projects/releases do you have lined up for the near future?

Coming up this fall I will be releasing my first ever album called “Louder Than Words,” and I couldn’t be more excited. I still have a couple music videos from the album to drop as well for the final two singles, and I’m going to release an entire acoustic version of the album as well!  I’m so stoked to have an entire body of work ready to put out, and I’m really excited that it’s coming soon and everyone will finally get a chance to hear it!

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