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Cem Sari – Enigma

If the sounds of indietronica excite you, or if you don’t know much about the hybrid genre and would like to explore that realm, then look no further than the music of Berlin-based producer – Cem Sari. He recently released his second album titled, “Enigma,” which includes seven very danceable tracks and after three years of working hard on this project he has finally shared his masterpiece with the world!

Enigma Track List

The intro track, “Enigma” doesn’t adhere to the usual song structures were used to and every track on this album is unique in its own way. A catchy vocal-chop bit at the beginning of the track shares it’s space with a common kick and clap disco beat that sounds like some of Nora En Pure’s music. Multiple sounds are introduced constantly in different sections – something common in tech and deep-house music, to keep the crown wanting more without ever releasing the tension completely!

“Bruxer”, starts off with a groovy bass line that fuses with the congo-like percussion creating a very Latino kinda vibe. I like how bouncy the track is even though there aren’t many elements in this song. Who would’ve thought that two notes played on a piano would be so impactful? Answer – Cem Sari. The idea of adding multiple notes forming dyads and triads as the song progresses to make the track increasingly harmonically rich is so cool!

I honestly am left spellbound now, by track number three because of the intricacies in Cem Sari’s production and the way he creates magical beats from simple sounds/effects. “Epic” begins with a drone string that’s fused with some uncanny elements that go well together – I’m slowly getting accustomed to the variety of sounds Cem Sari uses and I’m sure there is a lot to be unveiled in the coming tracks. The addition of the acoustic guitar was a really nice touch – gives the listener something familiar to hang on to.

The intro to the fourth track of the album, “Empirical”, is very psychedelic, but the song, not so much. Synth arps, computerised electronic sounds and some vocal chops make up the first section of this track, before a very bizarre breakdown section. Cem Sari likes messing around a LOT in his creations. The genre-transcending transitions here are quite crazy if you ask me. I think you’d get a better idea of what I’m trying to say if you listen to the track yourselves – it’s surely going to be nothing like you’ve heard before!

Fall Inc.” is reminiscent of a lot of deep-tech music from the underground Berlin clubs, mainly because of how minimal it is and how Cem Sari has given a lot of space in the song so the listener can do their own thing. It kinda sounds like a transition track between “Empirical” and “Zenit”, but maybe that’s just me. Again, a very creative use of vocal chops – I liked how he’s used both male and female vocals, it almost sounds like they are having a conversation in some alien language.

Fading out from “Fall Inc.”, we arrive at track number six, “Zenit”. Cem Sari has no limits when it comes to the selection of tones and voices – the Konnakol intro was unprecedented, an interesting east meets west fusion. I do feel it’s a bit overdone and a bit more space could be left between the vocal verses. Cem Sari loves playing around with his guitar, this track has some interesting and slightly aggressive tones.

Cem Sari brings back the piano on the final track “Cenin (Life had just begun)”. A simple beat along with an improvised piano performance set the mood of the track. He brings in a string section and a harsh synth bass as the track progresses towards a subtle drop. It seems like Cem was going for a very chill vibe while making this track – it has a very Above and Beyond, Ben Bohmer kinda sound. The album doesn’t end on a high, typical of Berlin-oriented electronic music – fades out beautifully.


“Enigma” is an album that would be apt for those 48-hour weekend raves in Berlin. Cem Sari, I’m sure would play a killer set and make the crowd go bonkers with his unique arrangement and composition skills. All in all, “Enigma” is an experimental indietronica record that you all should give a listen to!

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