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Spinball-Glow | A trip without travel

With the doom energy of Black Sabbath and the playfulness of Wolfmother, Spinball come to the fore. Less is known about this band, and that’s a good thing in terms of trivia. We don’t like a Kardashian universe anyways. After releasing the song The Milk in 2019, Spinball have hurtled towards this album. No more waiting, here is Glow.

In the Stack is enough to form a base opinion of Spinball. Like King Gizzard or even Uncle Acid, they bathe in the sludge goodness of what the strings offer. The reverb on the vocals reminds you that you can be on a trip even when sober. The groovy, catchy number rings into the exciting monotony of the riff that dominates the effect of the entire song.

Released in 2020 as a single, Let it Go is some stoner rock revival. We haven’t heard from QOTSA for a while now, so entertain us like them. Spinball do us one better, with a build in the background like never before. Sometimes the vocals aren’t even distinguishable, and I take pride in listening to the distorted lyrics my mind offer. The drums chug like a train with the riff, beat by beat and bend into the next verse.

Bend the norms

The debut single. The first signature. The Milk is the track that made it all possible for this group. Still as addictive as it was to listen to, it shows the complete dedication to a riff that lets the song ring out. A great pub track to get the crowd on their feet and ready to dance.

32 is a Led Zeppelin tribute of sorts. The drums are an instant reminder of When the Levee Breaks, though it goes on to be an epic like no other. This is where they become experimental, like Babe Rainbow or Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. The slow build like the Netflix thriller that it is, this track is what sets Spinball on the ladder to succeed in melting faces, slowly. It is a journey that you never packed for, because you didn’t know you were going.

The next track has vocal phasing and effects along with powerful guitar flange. This is guaranteed to make you peer into other dimensions for the price of a Spotify subscription. Seagulls flows into the chorus, with the beat almost as a reminder of where this song has reached. An almost techno feel overtakes this track. Powerful and sublime.

Let the riff glow

The title track is the signoff or beginning usually. When you have a superb hook, where in the album doesn’t matter. Like when the riff hits, it really takes a sledgehammer to your prefrontal cortex. As it rules in terms of song composition, this track makes up for the sludge melt we were in and gives us legs to walk again. Like MUSE’s Hysteria, you’re really waiting for that riff to kick you in the eyes again. And it does.

Lower is their most streamed song on Spotify. Has a lot to do with the vocals, guitars and beats aligning in astronomical proportions to give you a banger like you never expected. The rich texture of the guitar is a constant drone, just telling you that the riff isn’t to be forgotten. Clearly visible why this resonates with the crowd, you’re singing this in the crowd for sure.

Betty K. is their last track, a much softer escape in terms of musicality. They still create mysterious chord progressions that are shrouded with a climax you could never guess. The subject is as much of an enigma as the songs creation, and we’d want to know the muse for this one. If Glow is a debutant performer, you’ve just seen an over the top Black Swan performance. Made 3 years, slow roasting on a barbeque to create the perfect flavor that is Spinball. They nailed it, and sometimes I like my bands rare.

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