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Ruby Nixxons-Set Me on Fire
Ruby Nixxons-Set Me on Fire
Ruby Nixxons-Set Me on Fire

Ruby Nixxons-Set Me on Fire | Rage on

The root of rock is solid rhythm. That is what Ruby Nixxons aim to bring back. From a burgeoning sound that is the second reckoning of Bon Scott, they release their hard rock track, Set Me on Fire. It is the fuel, so better kick the pedal in.

With infectious riffs that are the prologue to all things great, the track starts off with a bang. There is no foreshadowing or unnecessary drama. The vocals drive in with purpose, and the kind of energy the track requires. While it sounds like old Judas Priest, the song has a solid drive and flow that make it just right for headbanging. Parts of the arrangement come together when the solo lets out the anguish that has been trapped in for the song. This song is to be looked for the powerful rock groove it is, doesn’t have many highlights in terms of lyrics. Ruby Nixxons know what the rock lovers come for, the layered guitars and crushing energy.

They’ve released another single recently called Keep on Keeping On. Their love for old-school is apparent, the way they track their music, melody sensibilities and the love they have for that attack in their sound that seems to be a lost art. Listen to Ruby Nixxons set you on fire with this flaming single here:

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