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Language Games – Vignettes for a Sad Life

Language Games is the stage name of Kurt who is a Prague-based Chinese indie rock artist who stirs up music that goes deep into the listener’s hearts. He recently released his debut EP which is a perfect masterpiece. This is an artist who will leave you begging for more with his debut release. This is an artist who beautifully weaves musicality and lyricism with heartfelt delivery. This is surely an EP that deserves all the love and recognition in the world.

The EP that he recently dropped is named ‘Vignettes for a Sad Life’ which is a perfect example of subtle yet powerful music. The EP has 5 tracks which are all a perfect series of waves that will drench your soul. The EP starts off with the track Mr. EGO which begins with some amazing guitars and leads up to some heartfelt drums that will touch your heart. The vocals go perfectly in hand with music becoming one body. This is the track that will live in your head for days.

The second track on the EP is my personal favorite and is named ‘Bandit’. This track has become so close to my heart that I might just listen to this track for the rest of my life. The track is a soothing on with some amazing musical elements. The the vocals are enchanting enough to put you in a trip. This track will surely bewitch you with it’s elite musical level. This is surely a track that everyone should listen to. This track is beautifully carried by the soothing elements blended with heartfelt vocals. The melodies are intricate and designed perfectly.

The third track on the EP is ‘Killing Feels’ which beautifully keeps up the vibe of the EP making this one of the integral parts of the EP. The drums are so beautifully placed that it will just make your heart skip several beats. This is a great track to play while slow dancing. The harmonies sound amazing and the little elements make this track sound superior.

Track Four is named ‘Symbolic Love’. This track acts as bridge between the body and the outro of the EP. The vocals in this track is crystal clear and is perfectly designed to deliver the perfect vibe. The track slowly progresses into the outro as gracefully as possible. The elegant vocal texture truly makes this track sound amazing. This is the track which is so beautifully structured that it has broken all the records that the tracks have set in my mind, structure-wise.

The last track on the EP is named ‘Xanax Holiday’ and this track will take you to a whole different realm. This track breaks all the boundaries of how subtle an outro should be. This is surely one of the best ends I’ve seen this year. The high notes are so beautifully sung by him that it makes me weak in the knees, every time I listen to the track.

This is an EP that should be listened to anyone who loves and appreciates good music. You can catch a little glipse of the EP, ‘Vignettes for a Sad Life’ by Language Games

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